A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

What will happen to Seedie and their underground friends when the sun comes up? Explore the underground and interact with a community of seeds in their journey through life and its many uncertainties, where there is no beginning or end, only the cyclical confrontation of challenge met along the way.

The seeds will continue growing whether or not someone is playing with them, and the sun will continue to rise. Will you take the time to notice them?

Concept, programming, graphics, and music by Isabella Djurovic. Thank you for playing Perennial!

Read more about Perennial's development.

Install instructions

  1. Click the link corresponding to your hardware to download.
  2. Unzip/Extract files.
  3. Controls: WASD or ARROWS to move, SPACE to interact, ESC to quit. Press ';' and walk into something for a surprise.


Perennial (Windows) 13 MB
Perennial (macOS) 16 MB

Development log


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This is an awesome and innovative piece of art that perfectly captures a retro style of gaming. If you're reading this comment and haven't downloaded Perennial yet, stop reading and press download!

What a kind comment!!!!! Thank you so much!