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Welcome to the world of Benandanti
Benandanti is a new card system that supports unique games in the cross section of the storytelling and strategy genre, featuring beautiful and evocative art from Kai Karhu. Currently, Benandanti supports an expansive tabletop roleplaying game, an asymmetrical 2-player co-op dungeon-crawler, a slew of storytelling and strategy games, and more still to come.

A system built on a change in perspective
Just as we all have different perspectives, so too in Benandanti does one’s perspective alter the rules of any of the system’s supported games. Unlike any other deck ever made, the information on any of the 32 cards changes depending on its orientation on the table—right down to the ranks, suits and imagery—opening a breadth of new possibilities both for creating stories and for strategizing your next play.

Becoming the Benandanti
Thematically centered on the titular shamanistic group who existed in the era of the Roman Inquisition, Benandanti is not just a deck of cards; it is a tool for communication between two players—a portal to the Benandanti’s “Land of the Dead” where we learn and grow together through sharing our experiences. Benandanti is a platform, a collection of games, and an opportunity. It is an innovation on narrative games as we know them.

Benandanti is an alternative card system and collection of games made by the magical duo, Isabella Djurovic and Kai Karhu. It is currently in development. Stay updated on the progress on Isabella's devblog.

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