Note: Production on this title has halted indefinitely, but for the sake of showcasing growth, please enjoy Thorn Hollow!
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Demons are haunting the little town of Thorn Hollow, and you've been called upon to exorcise them. Explore each haunted house to discover the "number" of the demon - once you have their number, engage in the exorcism ritual with the deck you've built and items you've gathered in the house to expel the evil and save the townsfolk!

How to Play

  • You have 5 ROUNDS of 2 CARD HANDS to land as close to or exactly on the GOAL NUMBER (shown in the top left of the screen; random in this prototype.)
  • You may only choose ONE CARD from each hand of 2 cards to either ADD or SUBTRACT it from your accumulated total (shown directly above your hand). CLICK DRAG the card of your choosing to the right to add and to the left to subtract.
  • Your deck contains 10 CARDS TOTAL - Ace to 10 - so use your "psychic powers" to count your cards for the best results!
  • Use the HOLY WATER item (icon in the bottom left) to predict with 100% accuracy what your next hand of 2 cards will be to even better predict your moves!
  • Land on the goal earlier than Round 5? Your goal range will EXPAND, and it will be easier for you to get that perfect exorcism!
  • Once Round 5 ends, click the EXORCISE button to reveal the results of your labor - did you succeed, or will the demon continue to run rampant? Play to find out!

Play Description
In this prototype, you'll see a very early version of the card game - the simulated "exorcism." Inspired by Blackjack and R, you must try your best - through the help of your handy "Holy Water" item and your own card-counting intuitions - to land as close to the demon's number as possible. Because the deck only contains 10 cards - Ace to 10 - as the rounds progress, it becomes easier to predict what cards you'll draw. Depending how close you are to landing on the number, a different ending occurs that changes the course of the game narrative! If you land on the goal number early (before the card game ends on Round 5), the goal number range expands and it becomes easier to get the best ending!
Click drag one card per round to either the right to add or to the left to subtract it from your total to proceed to the next round. The game ends on Round 5 no matter how close or far you are to the goal number, so choose wisely!

Credits and Production
This is an early prototype of the puzzle, deckbuilding RPG Thorn Hollow by Isabella Djurovic, Kat Aguiar, and Kristina Atanasoski. Shown in this prototype is a proof-of-concept for the card game segment, unlocked after completing the exploration puzzles in the haunted house levels. Production on this game has halted indefinitely, however our plans should we ever resume development were to add more items and situational cards that get shuffled into your deck to aid you during your exorcism, and to create more puzzles that would "hint" at the goal number in the card game. Kat did some amazing audio design work for this prototype, which is unfortunately absent from this prototype due to build problems I've had no luck resolving (curse you, Unity WebGL build!!)
Thank you so much for checking out and playing Thorn Hollow!

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